Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus

This collection contains software and data associated with the book:
Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1994.
ISBN 0 387 94350 1 or 3 540 94350 1. [Details] A Second Edition is due in July 1997.

The software currently here is from the fourth printing. Material from the Second Edition is available as MASS2, and we suggest you use that instead.

This archive currently contains:

Errata for the first printing of the book.
Errata for the second and third printings of the book.
Errata for the fourth printing of the book.
Software for use with Unix versions of S-Plus
Software for use with S-Plus for Windows

The on-line complements have been removed: they are now incorporated in the second edition.

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