Pre-compiled software

The current version of the packaged installer for the tools to build R and packages with compiled code is at

The components of the software to build R itself, and additional software to build packages. This can also be used to build R-devel against the binary distributions it comtains

ICU packaged for use with R 3.1.1 and later. Unzip this anywhere (it unpacks to a single directory ICU) and set the location in MkRules.local.

The GDAL executables for use by the package called gdalUtils.

texinfo version 5.x

for use with R 3.0.3 and later. Download and unzip in a empty directory: its README file contains instructions for use. Currently GNU texinfo 5.2 with sources at texinfo-5.2.tar.xz

Additional tools

Directory goodies also contains some tools. These are 32-bit executables, so will run on any version of Windows. is a build of the file found on Unix-alikes. It will be used by R CMD check, and is contained in Rtools212.exe and later. are the GNU gettext tools used for working with message translations. You will want these to use tools::update_package_po.