On-line Complements

This collection contains the on-line complements associated with the book:

Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1999.
ISBN 0 387 98825 4. [Details]

There are mirrors of this material at Oxford, Sydney, StatLib (Pittsburgh) and Wisconsin.

The `complements' provide an on-line updating of the book, as well as further details of technical material. They are now in several parts.

Statistical Complements

The current contents include

This material makes extensive use of user-contributed libraries, including HARE, hazcov, HEFT, KernSmooth, logspline, lspec, mda, polyclass, sm, survcart and tssa, all of which are available for Windows (ported by BDR).

S-PLUS 5.x Complements

This gives an introduction to the new features of S-PLUS 5.x for Unix for x > 0.

`R' Complements

This describes how to use our book with the R system. It provides both descriptions of some of the differences between R and S, and the modifications needed to run our examples. Versions of our libraries and scripts are available from the CRAN network of sites.

Bill Venables's paper on Exegeses on Linear Models presented at the 1998 S-PLUS User's Conference is available here for reference as a gzip-ed postscript file and as PDF.


On the master site this table will show the dates and file sizes, but it may not at some mirror sites.

Postscript (2up)
Date PDF .ps.gz.zipscript
Statistics VR3stat.pdf [b ] VR3stat.ps.gz [b ] VR3stat.zip [b ] VR3stat.q [b ]
R VR3R.pdf [b ] VR3R.ps.gz [b ]

The .zip files are intended for Windows users.

The PDF versions have extensive hyperlinks: viewers can be downloaded from www.adobe.com, and are also supplied with S-PLUS 4.x and 2000.

The postscript files are formatted for ISO A4 paper. Those in countries which ignore international standards may need to tell their print spooler to print on a different paper size or even remove the Paper Sizes comment. The layout will fit reasonably on so-called `letter' paper.

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