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New Oxford unit created as part of ELLIS effort will assemble AI experts from across Europe

11 Dec 19

Oxford University will be home to one of 17 new ELLIS units, part of a pan-European effort to shape how machine learning and artificial intelligence will change the world. The unit’s efforts span from core theoretical underpinnings and methodologies to applications in robotics, finance, health and biology.

Statistics students win the IEEE BR41N.IO Designers Hackathon

30 Oct 19

Our current doctoral student James Wilsenach, our former doctoral student Michael Golden, as well as Oxford student Moritz Moeller and Li Wei of Tongji University, China, formed team Unibrowser to take part in, and win, the IEEE BR41N.IO Designer’s Hackathon in which teams design and present a novel application for a wearable Brain-Computer Interface known as the Unicorn, produced and sponsored by g.tec Neurotechnology, Austria. Team Unibrowser presented a navigati...

Professor Charlotte Deane on the BBC World Service “Tech Tent”

25 Oct 19

Professor Charlotte Deane was interviewed by the programme “Tech Tent” and broadcast on the BBC World Service on 20th September 2019.  Charlotte was interviewed about the role of AI in drug discovery.  For full details see

Professor Charlotte Deane appointed as Deputy Executive Chair of The EPSRC

10 Sep 19

MPLS 2019 Teaching Awards

08 Aug 19

Mareli Grady and Professor Patrick Rebeschini are both recipients of the MPLS 2019 Teaching Awards. Mareli for raising awareness of mathematics and engagement with the public through the Oxford Maths Festival. Patrick for the design, development and teaching of a new course titled “Algorithmic Foundations of Learning” (AFoL), presenting recent trends in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a unifying framework. For more information see here:

Professor Yee Whye Teh involved in releasing the Dagstuhl Declaration

03 Jul 19

Along with a group of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) experts from industry and academia and representatives from international non-governmental organisations (NGOs),  the Department of Statistics’s Prof. Yee Whye Teh was involved in releasing the Dagstuhl Declaration to guide future collaborations between AI experts and NGOs. The

Knighthood for Professor Peter Donnelly

11 Jun 19

Congratulations to Prof Peter Donnelly who has been knighted for services to the understanding of human genetics in disease. Professor Donnelly said: ‘I feel thrilled and tremendously honoured to have been awarded a knighthood by Her Majesty The Queen. This honour is a recognition not just of my work but also that of the outstanding researchers I have collaborated ...

Why aren’t we dead? A Podcast with Charlotte Deane

06 Jun 19

There is a whole world of things out there that want us dead – we are talking microscopic invaders that want to get inside our bodies and kill us. Lucky for us we have a secret weapon to keep us alive…ANTIBODIES In this episode we are taking a deep dive and looking at these teeny tiny antibodies and asking….why aren’t we dead? To find out we met up with the Head of the Department for Statistics at the University of Oxford, Charlotte Deane…

Two studentships for DPhil in Statistics available to start October 2019

17 May 19

One studentship is funded by the ERC Advanced Grant General Theory for Big Bayes, to work on a project in the field of approximate Bayesian methods and their statistical properties in high dimensional models. This studentship is available to UK or EU students. The other studentship is funded by the EPSRC and the topic of research is open, but should relate to the interests of one of the Department’s research areas. This studentship is available to home students.

Congratulations to Professor Christina Goldschmidt who has been awarded an IMS Fellowship

15 May 19

Congratulations to Professor Christina Goldschmidt who has been named Fellow of the Institute of Mathematica...