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May 2018
  • 10 May 18

    Speaker:    Daniel Paulin, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

    Date:          Thursday 10th May, 3.30 pm, Small Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics, 24-29 St Giles’, Oxford

    Title:           Interplay between sampling and optimization

    Abstract:  Suppose that U is a real valued convex function in a d dimensional Euclidean space. The problems of

    (1) f

April 2018
  • 27 Apr 18

    Speaker:  David Gamarnik, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

    Date:         Friday 27th April 2018, 3.30 pm, Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics, 24-29 St Giles’, Oxford

    Title:         Algorithms and Algorithmic Obstacl

  • 26 Apr 18

    Speakers:  Dr Sepanda Pourhyaya and the alumni Alexandra Darmon who both work for the analytics focused startup, Fospha

    Date:          Thursday 26th April, 3.30 pm, Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics, 24-29 St Giles’, Oxford

    Title:           Data Science & Industry

    Abstract:  If you’ve ever wondered how to become a data scientist and build concrete solu

  • 20 Apr 18

    Speaker:  Julian Echave, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

March 2018
  • 27 Mar 18

    Oxford to hold artificial intelligence expo in March

    The University of Oxford is to showcase artificial intelligence (AI) research across the whole University with a one-day expo on 27 March 2018. The event will bring together Oxford’s AI and machine learning thought leaders, providing a unique opportunity to hear from them about their work and their vision for the future.

    The day will include briefings by the experts, panel question and answer sessions, de...

  • 19 Mar 18

    The Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford is organising the next South of England Genetic Epidemiology Group (SEGEG) meeting, to be held on Monday 19th March 2018 from 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

    Further details about the event and registration can be found here.

  • 15 Mar - 16 Mar 18

    The sandpit meeting will be held at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, from 9.30am on Thursday 15th March through to 2.00 pm on Friday 16th March 2018.

    This sandpit meeting will look at network analysis problems posed by the presenters from three industrial partners:

    Dr Alan Whitmore and Dr Jonny Wray from e-therapeutics are interested in finding drugs through a network approach to protein interactions Dr Kimmo Soramäki from FNA is interested ...
  • 09 Mar 18

    Speaker:  Patricia Bouret, Centre national de la recherché scientifique (CNRS), France

    Date:         Friday 9th March 2018, 3.30 pm, Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Statistics

    Title:         Family wise separation rates for multiple testing

    Abstract:  Starting from a parallel betw...

  • 05 Mar 18

    Speaker:  Matt Junge, Duke University

    Date:         Monday 5th March 2018, 12 noon in the Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building – Lecture room 5

    Title:         Parking

    Abstract: A car or parking spot is placed at each vertex of an infinite graph. Cars drive in search of unparked spots. When a car finds one, both the car and spot are removed. Three distinct traffic flow p...

  • 01 Mar 18

    Second year poster session

    Ground floor social area, 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm