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The David Blackwell Lecture – Friday 21st October 2022

21 Oct 22

We are delighted to confirm that the second David Blackwell Lecture will be given by Professor Sir Peter Donnelly on Friday 21st October 2022 at 3.30 pm. The Lecture will be held in person at the Department of Statistics and livestreamed.

Professor David Blackwell (1919 – 2010) was a distinguished American statistician and mathematician who made significant contributions to game theory, probability theory, information theory, and Bayesian statistics. He is one of the eponyms of the Rao–Blackwell theorem and became the first African-American elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences. As a Department, we wanted to mark his ground-breaking work and are delighted to hold this annual lecture named after him in October each year.

Speaker:       Professor Sir Peter Donnelly

Further details to follow.


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The David Blackwell Lecture

An annual Lecture held in October to mark the ground-breaking work of Professor David Blackwell.