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Probabilistic Combinatorics: A Celebration of the Work of Colin McDiarmid

09 Apr - 10 Apr 16

On the occasion of the retirement of Colin McDiarmid, a two-day workshop at Corpus Christi College of the University of Oxford was held on the 9th and 10th of April 2016.


The event spanned Colin McDiarmid’s research areas including probabilistic combinatorics, combinatorial optimisation, and graph colouring. Click here for programme information.

Invited participants:

The following had indicated a participation probability of greater than 1/2:

Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill), Graham Brightwell (LSE), Peter Cameron (QMUL/St Andrews), David Conlon (Oxford), Colin Cooper (KCL), Josep Diaz (UPC Barcelona), Chris Dowden (LSE->TU Graz), Graham Farr (Monash), Nick Fountoulakis (Birmingham), Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford), Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge), Rhiannon Hall (Brunel), Ryan Hayward (Alberta), Jan van den Heuvel (LSE), Anne Hillebrand, Anthony Hilton (Reading/QMUL), Chính Hoàng (Wilfred Laurier), Bill Jackson (QMUL), Mihyun Kang (TU Graz), Peter Keevash (Oxford), Valentas Kurauskas (Vilnius), Imre Leader (Cambridge), Malwina Luczak (QMUL), Gábor Lugosi (UPF Barcelona), Colin McDiarmid (Oxford), Mike Molloy (Toronto), Steven Noble (Brunel), Marc Noy (UPC Barcelona), Mike Paterson (Warwick), David Penman (Essex), Jorge Ramírez Alfonsín (Montpellier), Bruce Reed (McGill), Tom Sanders (Oxford), Oriol Serra (UPC Barcelona), Fiona Skerman (Bristol), Joel Spencer (NYU), Angelika Steger (ETH Zürich), Andrew Thomason (Cambridge), Mikkel Thorup (Copenhagen), Bilyana Ward (Morgan Stanley), Kerstin Weller (Credit Suisse), Dominic Welsh (Oxford), Nick Wormald (Monash).

Sponsors and organisation:

The meeting was supported by the British Combinatorial Committee, the Department of Statistics and the London Mathematical Society. It was organised by Stefanie Gerke (RHUL), Ross Kang (Nijmegen), Tobias Müller (Utrecht), and Alex Scott (Oxford).