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Graduate Lecture: Industry Talk by Util

31 Jan 19

Date:         Thursday 31st January 2019 at 3.30 pm in the Small Lecture Theatre.  The talk will be followed by pizza and beer in the ground  floor social area.

Speaker:  Abdel Turkmani and Stephen Barnett, Util

Title:         Util – using machine learning to help investors make a positive impact on people, planet and pocket.

Abstract: Util is a London based Financial Technology startup, founded in Oxford in 2017 which seeks to use data science and machine learning to better understand the positive and negative impacts of their investments. Abdel Turkmani and Stephen Barnett, Util’s cofounders, will be talking about their startup journey, providing an insight into how state of the art data science is being incorporated into a fintech business model and presenting a day in the life of an engineer at Util. Both founders will be joining attendees after the talk to discuss a startup career path.