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Graduate Lecture – Blenheim Chalcot Industry Talk

07 Mar 19

Date:         Thursday 7th March (IT Teaching Suite) followed by pizza and drinks

Speaker:  Blenheim Chalcot

Title:         Data Science in Industry: Innovation through Impact

Abstract: Data Scientists implement projects on the intersection between academic research and delivering business value. The variety, intellectual stimulation and impact that a Data Science role can provide makes it an engaging and fulfilling role to be in. This talk covers some of the Data Science projects carried out at BC and summarises which Machine Learning methods we are currently looking into:

– Using Natural Language Processing to speed up clinical trials;

– Using cosine similarity methods to find and sign new music talent;

– Using Markov Chains and Causal Models to save small to medium businesses from overspending on marketing with Multi Touch Attribution and Marketing Mix Modelling.

We used to be students in a similar position to you, with a choice between further academia or a job. We decided to choose both!  Listen to anecdotes from our experiences in BC Data Science and how these projects are impacting society and research.