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Virtual Alumni Event – Friday 11th September 2020

12 Sep 20

This year the Alumni Office will be running their annual alumni event virtually from Monday 7th – Saturday 12th September, Meeting Minds Global 2020, with the opportunity to hear exclusive academic insights into the latest research across a wide range of disciplines.  We are delighted that as part of the week the Alumni Office will be hosting a special Q&A Panel Session with four academics from the Department of Statistics on their COVID-19 statistical work.

Date:          Friday 11th September 2020, 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm. This event will be hosted on Zoom.  Please register on the Meeting Minds Global webpage here to gain access to the link.

Title:          Q&A Session: How does statistical research help us understand, control and treat COVID-19?

Abstract:  The identification of a previously unidentified pathogen causing serious disease and spreading quickly poses big challenges.  Department of Statistics researchers have been busy since January contributing to the growing evidence base informing policy decisions in the UK and elsewhere around the world.  Ask your questions and get answers directly from the researchers involved.

The Panel:

Professor Charlotte Deane

Professor of Structural Bioinformatics

Professor Christl Donnelly

Professor of Applied Statistics

Professor Chris Holmes

Professor of Biostatistics


Professor Garrett Morris

Associate Professor of Systems Approaches to Biomedicine

A Zoom link will be circulated a few days before the event.  Please can alumni register for the event, which is free, here .

Additional reading recommended for session:

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