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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Department’s Good Practice Steering Group was set up in 2013 which led to a successful Athena SWAN Bronze Award application in 2014.  The Steering Group later evolved to become the Equality & Diversity Committee and was awarded an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in 2017.  The Committee has recently updated to become the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

The EDI Committee meet twice termly and are proactive in working to ensure that the Department is an inclusive environment for all staff and students.

EDI Committee Members:

  • Christl Donnelly (Chair)
  • Alison Etheridge (Head of Department)
  • Beverley Lane (Secretary)
  • Gesine Reinert
  • Julien Berestycki
  • Robbie Davis
  • Robin Evans
  • Neil Laws
  • Maria Christodoulou
  • Daniel Nissley
  • Shabana Akthar
  • Laura Jones (Maths)
  • Emilia Pompe
  • Kimberley Becker
  • Tyler Farghly
  • Rachel Laing