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Our People

A core team of dedicated statistical consultants is available to work with you, drawing on additional expertise of academic and research staff at the Department of Statistics.

Dr Cora Mezger

The Director of Statistical Consultancy, Dr Cora Mezger, has extensive experience in supporting better data and improved data use around the world. With an interdisciplinary background in applied and official statistics, econometrics, and demographic research, she can “speak statistics” with a wide range of both technical and non-technical audiences. Her consulting work has covered a large array of sectors and topics. She has supported governments and international donors in producing better data and statistics in areas including poverty, employment, family planning, nutrition and education; mentored government statisticians; conducted numerous data quality assessments, and managed projects modernising the way data are collected and official statistics are produced.








Mariagrazia Zottoli, MSc

Mariagrazia Zottoli is a statistician with a background in statistical modelling and analysis along with database design and management. She has worked on numerous interdisciplinary projects ranging from epidemiology and medical research to public policies. She has developed the ability to cooperate with a wide variety of stakeholders and to communicate statistical findings to a non-technical audience.
Mariagrazia is an experienced R-programmer and regularly uses R to build models, create data visualizations, and carry out multivariate analyses.