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Clients & Case Studies

Our consultants have worked with a number of companies carrying out a range of consultancy activities.


Jennifer carried out analyses and simulations to assist in trial design of A Study of Genetically Targeted Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Advanced Heart Failure (CUPID-2b) trial. She also collaborated with Celladon in the development of the joint frailty model with an associated simulation study to examine its performance as compared with marginal models. Alex Yaroshinsky (Impulse Dynamics, formally Celladon) had this to say about his experience working with Jennifer: “Jen Rogers is an accomplished consulting expert. Specifically, her expertise in modelling of recurrent events in presence of correlated terminal events was extremely helpful in analysing heart failure clinical trial data. As this methodology gains recognition among both clinical statisticians and regulatory authorities in the US and EU, Jen’s experience with these models was instrumental in analysing clinical trial data with these novel endpoints. I would highly recommend Jen and her group at Oxford to advise on complex study designs and data analysis when well established methods may produce incomplete or biased outcomes.”