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Statistics students win the IEEE BR41N.IO Designers Hackathon

30 Oct 19

Our current doctoral student James Wilsenach, our former doctoral student Michael Golden, as well as Oxford student Moritz Moeller and Li Wei of Tongji University, China, formed team Unibrowser to take part in, and win, the IEEE BR41N.IO Designer’s Hackathon in which teams design and present a novel application for a wearable Brain-Computer Interface known as the Unicorn, produced and sponsored by g.tec Neurotechnology, Austria. Team Unibrowser presented a navigation tool designed to assist users in finding what they are looking by posing a series of increasingly specific questions with mentally inputted answers from the user. The task was presented in the form of a game in which our software tries to determine a mentally selected country, selecting questions based on a Bayesian update system.