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Statistics student wins Google PhD Fellowship in Machine Learning

16 Jun 22

Oxford Statistics DPhil student Sheheryar Zaidi has been awarded a prestigious $60,000 Google PhD Fellowship from a highly competitive field of researchers.

Sheh is broadly interested in different aspects of deep learning and its applications. His research focuses on a variety of topics ranging from how we can improve generalization (making correct predictions for unseen data) and efficiency (learning with less computation and fewer data) of neural networks to how such models can be made more robust and uncertainty-aware. He has also worked on applying these techniques to scientific problems, such as modeling physical systems and molecular property prediction.

Sheh said, “I am very delighted and grateful to have received the Google PhD Fellowship. It is a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by Google’s researchers and connect with other fellows, along with the generous funding. I am also very thankful to my supervisor, Professor Yee Whye Teh, for his continued support during my PhD.”


Sheh Zaidi wears glasses and is wearing a blue shirt