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Professor Alison Etheridge appointed new CMS Chair

Headshot of Professor Alison Etheridge
10 Jun 21

Oxford Statistician and Mathematician Professor Alison Etheridge has been appointed Chair of the Council for the Mathematical Sciences, the organisation that represents the wide breadth of the mathematical sciences in the UK.

Professor Etheridge said, β€˜It is a huge honour to be asked to contribute to the work of the CMS. Now, more than ever before, new types of mathematical insight are needed to drive forward scientific and industrial innovation, and the role of mathematical science in meeting the challenges posed by the global pandemic has further underlined the value of this ultimate transferable skill. In an evolving landscape, the CMS has a vital role to play in articulating to policymakers (and others) the need to strengthen and grow the people pipeline right across the Mathematical Sciences, and to embed mathematical and computational thinking in all aspects of science, policy, and innovation.’

Read the press release from the CMS for more.