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Tom A.B. Snijders is Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences at the University of Oxford,
and Professor of Methodology and Statistics in the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen .

In Oxford, I am appointed in the Department of Statistics and the Department of Politics and International Relations and I am a fellow of Nuffield College.

In Groningen, I work in the Department of Sociology and in the ICS (Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology), a research school that is a cooperative activity of the Universities of Groningen, Utrecht, and Nijmegen.

My partner is Lonnie ter Braak (M.D.), our children are Anke, Tineke, and Paul.

 My main research interests are the following:

For further information you can go on to:

  1. my Social Network Analysis Page:
    this also contains information about the following computer programs:

  2. SIENA for analysis of longitudinal network data,
    BLOCKS for stochastic block modeling,
    ZO for the analysis of 0-1 matrices with given row and column sums,
    StOCNET which is a program suite containing, among others, BLOCKS, ZO, and p2;
    SNOWBALL for the estimation of the size of a hidden population using a snowball sample;

  3. a lot about Multilevel Analysis:

  4. remarks, corrections, and data sets (plus MLwiN and some HLM and MIXOR setups) for the Snijders-Bosker textbook;
    introduction to MLwiN and Mln/MLwiN macros;
    PINT program for Power analysis IN Two-level designs;
    TWOMOK paper & program for two-level scale analysis ('ecometrics');

  5. current organisational activities;
  6. coming presentations;
  7. seminars ;
  8. selected list of publications + abstracts;
    list of all publications;
    curriculum vitae;
My email addresses are < tom.snijders "at" nuffield.ox.ac.uk > and < t.a.b.snijders "at" rug.nl > .
My postal addresses are

Nuffield College
New Road
Oxford OX1 1NF
United Kingdom
telephone Nuffield office: +44 1865 278599; Nuffield lodge (general): 278500; Statistics secr.: 272866.
fax +44 1865 278621 (Nuffield lodge: general)

Department of Sociology
Grote Rozenstraat 31
9712 TG Groningen

The Netherlands
telephone +31 - 50 - 3636188 or 3636469 (secr.)

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