Statistical Data Mining and Machine Learning
Term: Hilary Term 2016, Jan 18 - Mar 11
Lectures: Statistics LG.01, Mon 14-15, Wed 10-11
MSc Classes: Statistics LG.01, Tue 12-13 (weeks 2,4,8); LG.02, Tue 12-13 (week 6)
MSc Practicals: Statistics LG.02, Fri 14-16 (weeks 5 and 8); Deadline for Week 8 Practical will be Tue noon Week 9 (March 15th)
Part C Class Tutors: Jovana Mitrovic and Leonard Hasenclever
Part C Problem Sheets: due on Wednesdays 10am (weeks 3-8)
Part C Classes: Statistics LG.04, Group I: Fri 14-15 (weeks 3-8), Group II: Fri 15-16 (weeks 3-8)
TT Part C Revision: Statistics LG.03, Wed TT Week 4, 11-12 (2014 paper)
Statistics LG.03, Thu TT Week 5, 15-16 (2015 paper)

Course Materials

Problem Sheets

Part C


Textbooks and Background Reading

Background Review Aids:


You will need to use the R statistical programming language and environment for this course.