DMML HT 2017

SC4/SM4 Data Mining and Machine Learning
Term: Hilary Term 2017, Jan 16 - Mar 10
Lectures: HT weeks 1-8: Tue 2pm, Thu 12pm, LG.01
MSc Classes: HT weeks 3,5,7,8: Mon 11am, LG.01
MSc Practicals: HT week 5: Fri 2-4pm; HT week 8: Fri 2-4pm (group assessed)
Part C Class Tutors: Jovana Mitrovic and Leonard Hasenclever
Part C Classes: HT weeks 3,5,7,8: Wed 2:30-4pm, Wed 5-6:30pm, Fri 4:30-6pm
Part C Problem Sheet Deadlines: HT weeks 3,5,7,8: Mon 10am
Part C Revision Classes: TT week 3: Thu 11am, week 4: Thu 4pm LG.01

Course Materials

The course materials will consist of slides, summary notes and Jupyter notebooks. Summary notes are not exhaustive and should be used in conjunction with the slides. All materials are frequently updated and are thus best read on screen. Please email me any typos or corrections.


Much of the material was part of previous courses called Statistical Data Mining and Statistical Data Mining and Machine Learning. So there are relevant old questions.

MSc Practicals

Textbooks and Background Reading

Background Review Aids: