Compuationally-Intensive Statistics Research Group

The Compuationally-Intensive Statistics research group is headed by Brian Ripley who is the Professor of Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford within the Department of Statistics.

The main current interests of the group are in pattern recognition, especially in images, and in simulation-based methods of inferences (often termed these days MCMC).

We collaborate with FMRIB Centre and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Unit on magnetic resonance brain imaging, and the Robotics Research Group on active vision, pattern recognition and medical imaging

A list of recent and forthcoming papers is available, with links to downloadable versions where available, as well as versions of talks.

There are home pages for

Venables & Ripley (1994,7,9) Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus

Ripley (1996) Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

The group's S software is on the departmental archive under Unix and Windows areas.

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