Brian Ripley's Home Page

Brian Ripley is the Professor of Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford and a member of the Department of Statistics as well as a Professorial Fellow of St. Peter's College.

Contact information:


Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3TG, UK


Direct line: 01865 272861 (International +44 1865 272861)
Personal Assistant: 01865 272860 (International +44 1865 272860)

Fax: 01865 272595 (International +44 1865 272595)


A list of recent and forthcoming papers is available, with links to downloadable versions where available, as well as a profile, a complete list of publications and versions of talks.

There are home pages for

Venables & Ripley (1994,7,9,2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S

Ripley (1996) Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

Venables & Ripley (2000) S Programming

and errata lists for my books.

My S software is on the departmental archive under Unix/Linux, S-PLUS 2000 and S-PLUS 6 for Windows areas. Do read the README files!

R software ported by me is on the departmental archive under Unix and Windows areas.

Personal digital photography albums.

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