UNIQ Math and Stats Summer School July 2017

This is a 120 minute session on Data Mining using Multidimensional
Scaling (MDS). It started with a brief presentation.

We will use R. This is free high quality software tailored for
Statistical Programming.

Open R, open this worksheet and have a play.

The second worksheet includes an exercise. Many of you filled in a Google Form which asked a number of (very
superficial) questions about your Interests and Preferences. 

I have downloaded your answers into the spreadsheet "Interests.csv"
at the web address http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~nicholls/uniq17/Interests.csv

Make an MDS projection of the group preferences and identify people
with similar interests to your own. Color and label the points in the
projection using the variables in the data.

Here is a sample solution.