MS2a Bioinformatics and computational biology 2006

Draft Synopsis

Lectures 9-15

Prof Jotun Hein is giving lectures 9-15.

Lecture Notes, 2006

Lectures 2-8 Phylogenetics notes

Lecture 16 software referes to Shapiro et al 2002 and supplementary material
(those last two links will work from computers within the university network)

Problem sheets 2006

Problem sheet 1 answers
Problem sheet 2 answers plus Q1 Maple worksheet/pdf
Problem sheet 3 answers
Problem sheet 4 answers and data file forensic.nex

Further Example sheets 2007

[here are the examples we will cover in your revision class]

Examples (pdf-file) and answers (pdf-file)

Old Example sheets 2005

[the best of these questions are collected in the 07 examples, the following are worth a look]

Examples 1 (pdf-file) (answers are attached to the example sheet).

Examples 2 (pdf-file) and answers.

Examples 3 (pdf-file) and answers.

Reading material

Reading material for lectures 2-8,16 is specified in the lecture note bibliography.

Data files

Data files mscseqs.nex and mscseqs.phy