Post Address :
Geoff Nicholls
Department of Statistics     
24-29 St Giles
Oxford, OX1 3LG
Phone: Dept +44-1865-282853; College +44-1865-278938
Office: Room 1.13, Dept of Statistics, 24-29 St Giles
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I joined the department in 2005 from Auckland in New Zealand. I was HOD here from 2012-2015.
Here is a picture of me (in 2016). I have a college homepage at St Peters.

Research Interests
We work with scientists in a range of areas, bringing their data and their scientific understanding together
in a mathematical framework, and quantifying uncertainty using statistical methods.
We are looking for new fields of application for statistical modeling. When things are going well we develop
new statistical methods, new computational methods and solve problems of real scientific interest.

Current Graduate Students
Chris Carmona (DPhil: Model mispecification and big missing data)
Mark Roeling (DPhil: Models for network based fraud)
Xuewen Yu (MSc App Stats 2017: reconstructing phylogenies using ABC)
Jake Barrett (MSc App Stats 2017: Election forecasting: statistical models and Bayes methods)
Xiwen Liu (MSc App Stats 2017: ABC inference for the parameters of a point process)
David Moloney (MSc App Stats 2017: Predicting the clinical outcome of chronic myeloid leukaemia)

Recent Graduates
Alexis Muir-Watt (DPhil 2016: Inferring partial orders from random linear extensions: models for social hierarchy)
Ross Haines (DPhil 2016: Estimation of spatial fields and measurement locations: the Atlas of Late Middle English)
Luke Kelly (DPhil 2016: A stochastic Dollo model for lateral transfer: phylogenetics and lexical traits)
Huang Yu (MSc App Stat 2016: Forecasting earthquake damage in China)
Anthony Webster (MSc App Stat 2016: forecasting lightning strikes)
Xiankai Gao (MScApp Stat 2016: new MCMC algorithms for intractable likelihoods)
Xixi Yu (MSc App Stat 2016: models for random partial orders with covariate effects)

Google Scholar and Scopus list my publications with citation links and the ISI maintain a conference calendar.

Teaching and Supervision
This year I set up a new Part C and MSc course in Bayes Methods. I tutor Statistics, Probability and
Numerical Analysis in College and supervise Part C and MSc dissertations. I run a comp stats taster session
as part of the Stats Taster Days for year 12 high school students and repeat it for the UNIQ students.
As DDGS I helped Oxford host the Academy for PhD Training in Statistics in March. In the past I have lectured
Data Mining, Simulation and Statistical Programming, Statistical Inference, AppliedStatistics and Bioinformatics
and a simple intro to MCMC. Here are the term dates for the next few years.