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Geoff Nicholls
Department of Statistics     
1 South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3TG
Phone: Department +44 1865 282853; College +44 1865 278938
Office: Number 1 South Parks Road, Room 201, top of the stairs
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Department: People, Math. genetics + bioinfo and Statistics seminars
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I came to Oxford from the Math Department in Auckland, New Zealand in 2005. Here is a picture
of me (in 2003). I have a college homepage at St Peters.

The term dates for 2012-2018 and a link to my homepages for the UNIQ summer school, DTC modules
for Statistics, Part B SB1a Applied Statistics, Part A A12 Simulation and Statistical Programming and the
MSc MCMC segment. Here is some material for Induction Week for the OxWaSP CDT in Statistical Science

Google Scholar and Scopus list my publications with citation links and the ISI maintain a conference calendar.

When the parameter is a partial order - MCMC Bayesian inference
Overheads for ISBA 10/Valencia 9 talk.

Stochastic Dollo models and Language diversification
TraitLab is updated (2013) MatLab (v6.5 R13 onwards) software for phylogenetic tree reconstruction
from binary trait data. It has an updated manual plus there is a paper and supplement on the theory,
with an application to lexical trait data. See the RSS journal Significance for a popular article
and the arxiv for a technical report from 2009 with DPhil student Robin Ryder. Overheads for my talk
at the CRISM Workshop, Warwick, 30/5/10, a case study on Semitic phylogeny and overheads for my talk
at the IWSM Workshop, Valencia, 14/7/11 and overheads for ISBA, Kyoto, 28/6/12.

Statistical work on a Spatio-Temporal change-point process
Overheads for seminar in Glasgow 09/12/09.
Prof Patrick Nunn and I have been using a spatial process related to the Richardson cluster model
to make spatial smoothing of temporal change-points in radiocarbon accumulation-rate data. We have
submitted a tech report (2009) with some pages of supplementary material.

Parallel MCMC
Here is a very simple strategy for parallelising a single MCMC run. The idea was used in the physics and
engineering literature before 1990 in the context of simulated annealing. There is a tech. report
in the works.

Grad seminar
Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo Estimation overheads and R code.

MCMC basics: chapters 7,8 and 9 of my Auckland
Physics 707 Inverse Problems lecture
(with Fox and Tan). I had some input to the Radiocarbon-dating software (DateLab) which
Martin Jones wrote. It had some nice features (simplicity, rejection sampling as well as MCMC,
and reliable Bayes-factors). I am happy to hear from users.