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We meet regularly to present and discuss recent developments in the research area of graphical models. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please email Sofia Massa at massa@stats.ox.ac.uk.


Michaelmas Term 2013- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Seminar Room 2pm


Friday 25 October, 2pm:


Scutari, M. (2013). On the prior and posterior distributions used in graphical modelling. Bayesian Analysis, 8(3), 505-532.


Speaker: Marco Scutari (UCL)


Friday 8 November, 2pm:


Evans, R.J., Richardson, T.S. (2013). Marginal log-linear parameters for graphical Markov models. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 75(4), 743-768.


Speaker: Robin Evans



Friday 29 November, 2pm:


Chandrasekaran, V., Parrilo, P.A., Willsky, S. (2012). Latent variable graphical model selection via convex optimization. Annals of Statistics, 40(4), 1935-1967.


Speaker: Peter Forbes



Friday 6 December, 2pm:


Modelling high-dimensional multivariate extreme value distributions using graphical models.


Speaker: Adrien Hitz


Trinity Term 2013- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Seminar Room


Friday 25 January, 2pm:


Lafferty, J. Liu, H., Wasserman, L. (2012). Sparse nonparametric graphical models, Volume 27, Number 4, 519-537.

Speaker: Sofia Massa


Friday 8 March, 2pm:


Dobra, A., Lenkoski, A., Rodriguez, A. (2012). Bayesian inference for general Gaussian graphical models with application to multivariate lattice data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, Volume 106, Issue 496,

Speaker: Joe Hermann




Michaelmas Term 2012- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Seminar Room.


Friday 2 November, 2pm:


Colombo, D., Maathuis, M.H., Kalisch, M., Richardson, T (2012). Learning high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs with latent and selection variables

The Annals of Statistics, 294-231.

Speaker: Mattias Rantalainen



Friday 16 November, 2pm:


Forbes, P. (2012). Unlabelled point set matching for fingerprint verification.

Speaker: Peter Forbes


Friday 30 November, 2pm:


Green, P.J., Thomas, A. (2011). Sampling decomposable graphs using a Markov chain on junction trees. Arxiv.

Speaker: Therese Graversen



Trinity Term 2012- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Lecture Room.



Friday 4 May, 2pm:


Vogel, D., Fried, R. (2011). Elliptical Graphical Modelling. Biometrika, 98(4), 935-951.

Speaker: Peter Forbes



Friday 18 May, 2pm:


Marloes, H., Maathuis, Kalisch, M., Buhlmann P. (2009). Estimating high-dimensional intervention effects from observational data. Annals of Statistics, 37(6A), 3133-3164.

Speaker: Mattias Rantalainen




Friday 15 June, 2pm:


Bien, J., Tibshirani, R. (2011). Sparse Estimation of a Covariance Matrix. Biometrika. 98(4). 807-820
Speaker: Sofia Massa



Hilary Term 2012- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Seminar Room.


Friday 3 February, 3pm (note change of time):


Carvalho, C.M., Scott, J.G. (2009). Objective Bayesian model selection in Gaussian graphical models.

Biometrika, 96(3), 497-512.

Speaker: Peter Forbes



Friday 10 February, 2pm:


Sadeghi, K. (2012). Stable mixed graphs.

Speaker: Kayvan Sadeghi



Friday 24 February, 2pm:


Ben-David, E., Rajaratnam, B. (2012). Generalised hyper Markov laws for directed acyclic graphs.

Stanford University Technical Report.

Speaker: Joe Hermann



Friday 9 March, 2pm:


Yin, J., Li, H. (2011). A sparse conditional Gaussian graphical model for analysis of genetical genomics data.

Annals of Applied Statistics, 5(4), 2630-2650.

Speaker: Valentina Iotchkova




Michaelmas Term 2011- Department of Statistics, 2 South Parks Road, Common Room.



Friday 28 October, 2pm:


Drton, M.(2009). Discrete chain graph models. Bernoulli, 15(3), 736-753.

Speaker: Kayvan Sadeghi



Friday 4 November, 2pm:


Guo, J., Levina, E., Michailidis, G., Zhu, J. (2011). Joint Estimation of Multiple Graphical Models.

Biometrika, 98, 1-15.

Speaker: Sofia Massa



Friday 18 November, 2pm:


Khare, K., Rajaratnam, B. (2011). Wishart Distributions for decomposable covariance graph models.

The Annals of Statistics, Volume 39 (1), 514-555.

Speaker: Joe Herman



Friday 9 December, 2pm:


Cowell, R. G. (2009). Efficient maximum likelihood pedigree reconstruction. Theoretical Population biology, 76, 285-291.

Speaker: Therese Graversen





Trinity Term 2011- Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Seminar Room.



Friday 13 May, 2pm:


Gehrmann, H. Lauritzen, S.L. (2011). Estimation of means in graphical Gaussian models with symmetries.

Speaker: Helene Gehrmann



Friday 27 May, 2pm:


Sadeghi, K. (2011). Markov properties for loopless mixed graphs.

Speaker: Kayvan Sadeghi



Friday 10 June, 2pm:


Agakov, F.V., Krohn, J., McKeigue, P., Storkey, A. (2010). Sparse instrumental variables (SPIV) for Genome-Wide studies. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 23, 28-36.


Agakov, F.V., Colombo, M., Krohn, J., Flint, J., McKeigue, P (2010). Integrative system for biomarker screening and QTL fine mapping. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics.


Speaker: Valentina Iotchkova and Jonathan Marchini



Friday 24 June, 2pm:


Buhlmann, P., Kalisch, M., Maathuis, M.H. (2010). Variable selection in high-dimensional linear models: partially faithful distributions and the PC-simple algorithm. Biometrika 97(2), 261-278.

Speaker: Inma Tur






Hilary Term 2011- Lecture Room 1SPR, 2pm



Friday 4 February, 2pm:


Wermuth, N. and Cox. R.D. (2008). Distortion of effects caused by indirect confounding, Biometrika, 95(1), 17-33

Speaker: Kayvan Sadeghi



Friday 11 February, 2pm:


Green, P.J. and Mortera, G. (2009). Sensitivity of inferences in forensic genetics to assumptions about founding genes. The Annals of Applied Statistics, 3(2), 731-763

Speaker: Therese Graversen



Friday 25 February, 2pm:


Chaibub Neto, E. Keller, M.P., Attie, Alan D., Yandell, B. S. Causal graphical models in systems genetics: a unified framework for joint inference of causal network and genetic architecture for correlated phenotypes. The Annals of Applied Statistics, 4(1), 320-339

Speaker: Mattias Rantalainen



Friday 11 March, 2pm:

Shojaie, A., Michailidis, G. (2010). Penalized likelihood methods for estimation of sparse high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs. Biometrika, 97(3), 519-538

Speaker: Sofia Massa




Michaelmas Term 2010



Friday 29 October, 2pm:


Wang, H. and West, M. (2009). Bayesian analysis of matrix normal graphical models. Biometrika, 96(4), 821-834.

Speaker: Sofia Massa



Friday 12 November, 2pm:


Drton, M., Massam, H., Olkin, I. (2008). Moments of minors of Wishart matrices. The Annals of Statistics, 36(5), 2261-2283.

Speaker: Helene Gehrmann



Friday 3 December, 2pm:


Tvedebrink, T., Eriksen, P.S., Mogensen, H.S., Morling, N. (2010). Evaluating the weight of evidence by using quantitative short tandem repeat data in DNA mixtures. Applied Statistics, part 5 vol 59, 855-874.

Speaker: Therese Graversen



Friday 10 December, 2pm:


Edwards D., de Abreu G.C.G., Labouriau R. (2010). Selecting high-dimensional mixed graphical models using minimal AIC or BIC forests. BMC Bioinformatics, 11:18

Speaker: Joe Herman



If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please get in touch with Sofia Massa, massa@stats.ox.ac.uk