S-PLUS Library - fastICA


This file explains how to install the S-PLUS library fastICA.
I assume that you have a basic knowledge of UNIX/LINUX and that you already have S-PLUS 5.x or S-PLUS 6.x installed on your machine.

fastICA contains an implementation of the FastICA algorithm to perform Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Projection Pursuit.


1. Download the g-zipped tar archive  fastICA_S_*.*-*.tar.gz

2. Unzip the file using gunzip fastICA_S_*.*-*.tar.gz

3. Unpack the archive using   tar -xvf fastICA_S_*.*-*.tar

This will create a directory in called fastICA

4.  Move this directory (with it's contents) to the default S-PLUS library tree on your machine IF you have permission.
    If not create your own library directory somewhere i.e.   mkdir ~/lib and move the directory fastICA there.

5.  Either

(a) Create the library from within the fastICA directory by running the script

    ./INS5 (for S_PLUS 5.x)
    ./INS6 (for S_PLUS 6.x)

NB. You might have to alter the first line of these scripts which sets the version of Splus you are using.

(b) Run the following commands in the fastICA directory

    Splus CHAPTER
    Splus make

6.  You can then start an S-PLUS session from where you like and load
the library using

    library(fastICA,lib.loc="~/lib")     - Assuming you put it in ~/lib 
    library(fastICA)      - Assuming you put it into the default S-PLUS library tree


If you have any problems/suggestions using this package, please email me on marchini@stats.ox.ac.uk