AnalyzeReadRGUI   (02/02/2001)

AnalyzeReadRGUI is a GUI based on the package AnalyzeReadR v0.1.2 that allows the user to explore any ANALYZE format .img file.



1. Download the file AnalyzeReadRGUI.R

2. Load the package AnalyzeReadR into a current R session.

3. Start the GUI using


(see screenshot below)

4. Navigate to a .img file using the Select File button.

5. Select on of the options

    (a) File Summary - prints a summary of the file in the R session

    (b) Plot Time Series - plots a time series at a given location (x,y,z)

    (c) Image Slice - plots a slice (z,t)

    (d) Image Volume - plots an entire volume (t)

    (e) Movie - iteratively plots a movie through time of a given slice (z)

6. Enter the required arguements for your option selection (see in brackets above)

7. Press OK.

8. You will be able to repeat if you want or press quit to stop the GUI.


If you have any problems/suggestions using the above, please email me on