a0 LaTeX posters for conferences

The a0poster.tar.gz archive contains all the files needed to create an a0 poster in LaTeX on the Department's machines.

To uncompress and unpack the archive use

  gunzip a0poster.tar.gz
  tar -xvf a0poster.tar

This creates a directory a0poster containing all the necessary files.

This directory will contain an example called poster.tex which can be modified to include your own material.

The format is a three column poster with separate header for title, authors, contact, etc. and includes the university crest. Click on the image below to see the final result.

Compile it using

   latex poster
   bibtex poster
   latex poster
   latex poster
   latex poster

Print it to poster.ps using

   dvips -P a0 poster -o

View it using

   gv poster.ps

Reduce to a4 size using

   ./psa0toa4 poster.ps postera4.ps

NB. you might need to change/delete the first line of the script psa0toa4 so that it works on your machine. The script has been written to work within the bash shell and calls the psresize command.

The README.a0poster file contains all of the above instructions

OUCS have a facility to print a0 colour posters