Teaching: An introduction to population genetics

I teach population genetics to second year students for the Human Sciences Honours School paper in Genetics and Human Evolution. Also, I give four first year lectures for the Human Sciences Prelim Course in Genetics and Evolution that are shared by the Biology degree: Cells and Genes.

Course slides from each lecture and tutorials with suggested reading material will be made available as pdf files that you can download.   


Prelim Lectures for Hilary Term, 2007

Wk 1   Mendelian Genetics

            Genetic Polymorphism

Wk 2   Population Genetics I: Hardy-Weinberg

            Population Genetics II: Genetic Drift


Honours School Lectures for Michaelmas Term, 2006

Introduction to Human Evolution: A Genetic Perspective (Tuesdays 9 am)


Lecture 1: Human Genetic Diversity

Lecture 2: Genetic Demography

Lecture 3: Human Evolution I: The History of the Human Lineage

Lecture 4: Human Evolution II: Primate origins


Honours School Lectures for Michaelmas Term, 2006

Human Population Genetics (Thursdays 10 am)


Lecture 1: The Synthesis of Mendelism, Darwinism and Biometry

Lecture 2: The Wright-Fisher Model of Random Genetic Drift

Lecture 3: Effective Population Size: Balance between Drift and Mutation

Lecture 4: SNPs, haplotypes, and linkage disequilibrium

Lecture 5: The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution

Lecture 6: Testing Neutrality with Statistics

Lecture 7: Gene Genealogies for Coalescent Models

Lecture 8: Genetic Demography: the Application of Inference


Revision problems

Revision problems for lectures 1 to 3

Revision problem for lecture 4


Tutorials in Population Genetics for Human Sciences Final Honour School, Paper 2.

Tutorial 1: Population structure in humans and chimpanzees.

Tutorial 2:  Population genetic processes: the evolution of linkage disequilibrium.

Tutorial 3: Quantitative genetics and complex trait analysis in humans; the genetic basis of complex diseases.

Tutorial 4: The population genetic basis of modern human evolution.