Professor Robert C. Griffiths FRS

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University of Oxford
DPhil Degree
2003   Simon Myers The detection of recombination events using DNA sequence data
2004   Graham Coop The likelihood of gene trees under selective models
2005   Tanne Clark Statistical methods for finding associations in dense genetic regions
2006   Joanna Zhuang Risk Factors for HIV-1 Infection and Disease Progression in Uganda
2008   Paul Jenkins Importance sampling on the coalescent with recombination
2009   Paul Munday Importance sampling in spatial epidemics
2014   Hongyu Jain Population genetics genealogies under selection
Monash University
PhD Degree
  B. de Silva Structure and independence in multivariate stable distributions
1982   P. Narayan Bounds for probability generating functions and their applications in branching processes
1986   P. O'Brien General mutation models in population genetics
1995   H. Nath Migration and the coalescent in population genetics
1997   M. Bahlo Gene-conversion and the coalescent process
1998   R. Thomson The shape of a coalescent tree
1999   P. Gorroochurn Population genetics in sub-divided populations
2000   P. Slade On ancestral graphs in theoretical population genetics under recombination and selection
MSC by Research Degree
1977   G. Hanson Analysis of a closed loop sampled data system with randomly sampled signal error
1992   S. Ong Estimation of mating system parameters in plant populations
1995   M. Bailey Social and demographic factors that affect length of stay in public hospitals


1992 - 1994   Dr Paul Marjoram
1996 - 1998   Dr Melanie Bahlo
2001 - 2003   Dr Maria De Iorio
2003 - 2008   Dr Dario Spano

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