Professor Robert C. Griffiths FRS

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Work Address:
Department of Statistics, University of Oxford,
24-29 St Giles', Oxford, OX1 3LB, UK
Work Phone: 01865 281237 (International: +44 1865 281237)
Work Fax: 01865 272595 (International: +44 1865 272595)
College Affiliation: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, OX2 6QA


1967 University of Sydney Bachelor of Science (Hons)
1970 University of Sydney PhD in Mathematical Statistics
Thesis title: Multivariate distribution theory: infinitely divisible multivariate gamma distributions.
Supervisor: Professor G.K. Eagleson
1999 University of Oxford MA


1993 Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, USA
2000 Title of Professor of Mathematical Genetics awarded by the University of Oxford.
2010 Elected as a fellow of the Royal Society.


October 2011- Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford.
October 2011- Emeritus Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall
2000-2011 Professor of Mathematical Genetics, University of Oxford,
Titular Professorship awarded from 1st October, 2000.
1998-2011 Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford
Tutorial Fellow in Applied Mathematics, Lady Margaret Hall
1989-1998 Reader, Department of Mathematics, Monash University
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Monash University
1973-1979 Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Monash University
1970-1973 Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Macquarie University
1968-1969 Teaching Fellow, Department of Mathematics, University of Sydney


Nov 2017-Dec 2017 Visiting Professor, Mathematical Science Institute,
Australian National University, Canberra
Jan 2014-March 2014 Visiting Professor, Institute of Statistical Mathematics,
Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
July 2013-October 2013 Clay Senior Scholar, Centre de researches mathematiques,
Montreal, Canada
Jan 2012-June 2012 Visiting Miller Research Professor, Department of Statistics,
University of California, Berkeley
June 2011-August 2011 Visiting Professor, Department of Statistics,
Stanford University
Dec 1997-Feb 1998 Outside Studies Program, Department of Mathematics,
University of Southern California
Feb-March 1996 Outside Studies Program, Department of Mathematics,
University of Southern California
Jan-March 1992 Outside Studies Program, Department of Mathematics,
University of Southern California
Jan-June 1987 Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics,
University of Utah
Dec 1983-June 1984 Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics,
University of Western Australia
Sep 1979-Mar 1980 Outside Studies Program, Center for Demographic and Population Genetics, University of Texas, Houston


Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Royal Statistical Society
Bernoulli Society


2003 - 2005 Associate Editor, Annals of Applied Probability
1995 - Associate Editor, Theoretical Population Biology
1993-1995 Associate Editor, Stochastic Processes and their Applications


1992 - 1994  Dr Paul Marjoram
1996 - 1998 Dr Melanie Bahlo
2001 - 2003 Dr Maria De Iorio
2003 - 2008 Dr Dario Spano


GENETREE Software for the estimation of mutation, migration and growth rates, and ancestral inference such as the time to the most recent common ancestor of a sample of DNA sequences.


2005-08 EPSRC grant grant of 178,882 for a research assistant, contribution to a computing officer's salary, computing equipment, and conference travel for three years. Combinatorial structure of stochastic models in Population Genetics. A Research Assistant, Dr Dario Spano was appointed in January 2005.
2001-04 EPSRC grant of 50,000 for a DPhil student and computer equipment for three years. Computationally intensive methods for inference about selection in DNA sequences. A DPhil student, Graham Coop, began in July 2001.
2001-04 BBSRC Biomathematics grant of 117,240 for a research assistant, computing equipment, and conference travel for three years. Demographic and ancestral inference from DNA sequences. A Research Assistant, Dr Maria De Iorio, was appointed in October 2001 and resigned in April 2003 to take up a lectureship at Imperial College, London. Dr Dario Spano was appointed to the Research Assistant position in October 2003.
1998 Small Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant: Ancestral inference from DNA sequences under selection. $14,744
1996-98 Large ARC Grant: Statistical analysis and ancestral inference from DNA sequences in a subdivided population. 1996 $55,000; 1997 $52,000; 1998 $53,000; for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow appointment in Mathematical Population Genetics.
1994 Small ARC Grant: A computational method for estimating mutation rates in DNA sequences. $8,900 for a Unix workstation.
1992-94 Large ARC Grant: Mathematical models and analysis of genetical data: DNA sequences and diseases. (With Professor W. J. Ewens and Dr. G. A. Watterson.) 1992 $53,000; 1993 $45,000; 1994 $46,000; for computer equipment and a Postdoctoral appointment in Mathematical Population Genetics.


2016 Advances in Statistics, Probability and Mathematical Physics. A Conference in honour of Eugenio Regazzini Aula Foscolo - University of Pavia, 10-11 June 2016
Advanced computational methods for complex models in Biology. University College London, 19th September 2016
2015 III Workshop on Branching Processes and their applications, Mathematics Department, University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain, 7-11 April 2015.
Models and Inference in Population Genetics, University of Warwick, 14-16 September 2015.
2014 Orthogonal Polynomials and Hypergroups, Mathematics Department, University of Toulouse, France, 18-19 June 2014.
2013 Random Trees workshop, CRM, Montreal August 12th-16th 2013.
Coalescent Theory workshop, CRM, Montreal October 7th-11th 2013.
Public Lecture: The Mathematics of Evolution, CRM, Montreal October 9th 2013.
Random Measures and Measure-valued processes, BIRS, Banff, Canada September 9-13 2013.
Multiple merger coalescents in population genetics, Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany, 28-29 November 2013.
2012 Probability, Population Genetics and Evolution, C.I.R.M. Luminy, France, June 11-15 2012.
  International Conference on Stochastic Processes in Systems Biology, Genetics and Evolution, Houston, USA, August 21-25 2012.
2011 Probability and Discrete Mathematics in Mathematical Biology, Institute of Mathematics, University of Singapore, (Three seminars) 20th March - 17th April.
2010 Canadian Statistical Society, Quebec, Canada, 23-26 May 2010.
  Simulation of Stochastic Networks, Newton Instutite, Cambridge University, 21-25 June 2010.
  Orthogonal Polynomials, Applications to Statistics and Stochastic Processes, Warwick University, 12-16th July 2010.
  Institute of Mathematical Statistics 73rd meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden, 9-13th August 2010.
  Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 34th conference, Osaka, Japan, 6-10th Sept. 2010.
2009 Probabilistic Models of Evolutionary Biology, Luminy, France, 25-29rd May 2009.
  Mathematical Challenges from Molecular Biology and Genetics, BIRS, Banff, Canada, 6-11 Sept, 2009.
2008 Inhomogeneous Random Systems, CNRS, Paris, France, 22-23rd January 2008.
  Frontiers in Mathematical Biology, Erwin Schroedinger Institute, Vienna, Austria, 14th-19th April 2008.
  Applications of spatio-temporal dynamical systems in Biology, Nice, France, 18th July-20th July 2008.
  BICS Postgraduate Workshop on Probabilistic Techniques in Population Genetics, Bath University.
Five 1.5 hours lectures 8th -11th July 2008.
  Population Genetics and Genomics program, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, USA, 15-30th September 2008;
2007 Seminar on Stochastic Processes, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, 15th-17th March 2007.
  Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions conference, Luminy, France, 2nd-6th July 2007.
  Main-Kolloquim Stochastic, Frankfurt, Germany, 28th November 2007.
  Erlangen-Muncher 7th Probability Day, Erlangen, Germany, 30th November 2007.
2006 Workshop on Mathematical Population Genetics, Edinburgh University, 26th-30th March 2006.
  2nd Cornell Probability Summer School, Ithaca, USA, 26th June - 7th July 2006 (6 lectures).
  31st Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Paris, 17th July - 21st July 2006.
2005 Random Spatial Models meeting, Berlin University, 15-19th March 2005.
  Genetics and Prehistory, a Focus on Islands, Cambridge University, 29th July - 2nd August 2005.
  Mathematical Genetics meeting, Oberwolfach, Germany, 21-27 August 2005.
  Mathematical Biosciences Workshop Columbus Ohio on Phylogeny and Mathematical Genetics, Columbus Ohio 24-30 March 2005.
2004 Durham Symposium on Mathematical Genetics, Durham, UK, 5th-15th July, 2004.
  Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics, Trento, Italy, 21st - 25th June, 2004.
  Statistical Society of Canada Conference, Montreal, Canada, 30th May - 2nd June, 2004.
2003 ESI Workshop on Mathematical Population Genetics and Statistical Physics, Department of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria, 8-12th December.
  ESI Workshop on Mathematical Population Genetics and Statistical Physics, Department of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria, 30th January - 21st February. (Two lectures presented.)
2002 7th International Mycological Congress, Oslo, Norway, 11-17th August.
2001 DFG-workshop; Genes, Cells, Populations: Mathematics and Biology, Leipzig, Germany, 17-21st September.
  European Society of Evolutionary Biology, Aarhaus, Denmark, 20-26th August.
2000 Conference on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, Luminy, France, 13-17th November.
  DNA Polymorhpisms Course, Oulu, Finland, 4-8th October. (Two lectures and two practical sessions presented.)
  Biomathematics workshop, Gothenbourg, Sweden, 9-13th May.
1999 Canadian Mathematics Society Winter Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 11-13th December.
  Symposium on Modern Developments in Theoretical Population Genetics: the Legacy of Gustave Mal?cot, École Normale Sup?rieure, Paris, France, 31st August - 2nd September.
  International Statistical Institute meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 10-18th August.
  NATO Meeting, Mathematical Problems Arising from Biology, held at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematics, Toronto, Canada, June 1999. (Two lectures presented.)
  Belgium/London Mathematical Society meeting, Universit? Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 14-16th May.
1998 The NATO Human Evolution Meeting, Genes, fossils, and behaviour: an integrated approach to human evolution, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, September 1998.
1997 Stochastics in population genetics and tree reconstruction, DFG-program Interacting stochastic systems of high complexity, Frankfurt, Germany, November 1997.
  First Australian-New Zealand Workshop on Applied Probability, Adelaide, Australia, September 1997.
  National Research Symposium: Statistical Methods in Genome Research,
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, July 1997.
1996 The 4th International Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Arizona.
1995 The Branching Processes meeting at the Mathematics Institute, Oberwolfach, Germany.
1993 The Mathematical Population Genetics workshop at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Minnesota, USA.


2002-2004 Durham Symposium on Mathematical Genetics to be held 5th-15th July 2004.
(With Dr Gilean McVean.)
1990-1994 12th Australian Statistical Society Conference held at Monash University, 1994.


Advances in Applied Probability Annals of Applied Probability
Australian Journal of Statistics Evolution
Genetics Indian Journal of Mathematics
International Statistical Review Journal of Applied Probability
Journal of Mathematical Biology Journal of Molecular Evolution
Journal of Multivariate Analysis Journal of the American Statistical Association
Sankhya Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Theoretical Population Biology Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
DPhil, MPhil, PhD and MSc theses for Macquarie, Melbourne, Monash, La Trobe,
RMIT and Oxford Universities
Grant applications for the Australian Research Council (ARC), USA National Science Foundation (NSF), UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).


1998-1999, 2004-5 Examiner, MSc in Applied Statistics, University of Oxford
1999-2002, 2005 Chairman of Examiners, MSc in Applied Statistics, University of Oxford
1998- Member of Governing Body, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
2003- Member of Finance Committee, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
Jul-Dec 1997 Deputy Head, Mathematics Department, Monash University.
1989-1991 Head of the Statistics Section, Mathematics Department, Monash University.
1990-1994 Chair of the 12th Australian Statistical Society Conference
held at Monash University, 1994.
1986, 1993-94 Member of the Council of the Victorian Statistical Society.
1993-1994 Central Council member of the Australian Statistical Society.
1989-1991 Associate Director of the DEET Key-Center of Statistical Sciences,
(Monash, La Trobe, Melbourne and RMIT Universities, Victoria, Australia).
1977-79, 1993-94 Member of Faculty Board, Faculty of Science, Monash University.


Many courses taught in the areas of mathematical statistics, applied probability and
mathematical methods from 1st year to honours level.


Master of Applied Statistics courses in: Statistical Inference
  Experimental Design
  Case Studies in Statistics
MMath Mathematics c course in Mathematical Genetics
Doctoral Training Centre course in Statistics
Second year level course in Graph Theory

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