Mathematical Links

Here are some mathematical links that I find useful from time to time.


Oxford Probability
Probability at Warwick
Bath Prob-L@B
Cambridge Probability Group
The Probability Web
RSS Applied Probability Section
ALEA Network
Nadia Sidorova's list of forthcoming probability events in the UK and worldwide

Regular reading

Tim Gowers' blog


Online Probability Seminars
The One World Probability Seminar
The Oxford Discrete Mathematics and Probability Seminar
Oxford: Maths Institute events, Stats Department events
Warwick: P@W, the Probability Seminar, the Statistical Mechanics Seminar, the DIMAP seminar.
Cambridge: the Statslab Probability seminar.
Paris 6: Séminaire de Probabilités.

Taught course centres

Mathematics TCC

Reference library

arXiv e-Print archive (UK mirror)
Project Euclid login page; JSTOR (subscription required for both)
The Probability Web
sci.math.research (via Google groups)
MathWorld mathematical encyclopedia
Journals: Ann. Probab., Ann. Appl. Probab., Electron. J. Probab., Annales de l'IHP, Probab. Surv.
Trigonometric Identities
The Prime Machine
Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences


Squeezing Space in LaTeX

R Programming

The R Project for Statistical Computing


Institute of Mathematical Statistics
London Mathematical Society

Funding bodies and grants

The Royal Society
The Leverhulme Trust
Je-S: Research Councils UK Joint electronic Submission
European Research Council
European Science Foundation

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