Mathematical Links

Here are some mathematical links that I find useful from time to time.


Oxford Probability
Probability at Warwick
Bath Prob-L@B
Cambridge Probability Group
The Probability Web
RSS Applied Probability Section
ALEA Network
Nadia Sidorova's list of forthcoming probability events in the UK and worldwide

Regular reading

Tim Gowers' blog


Oxford: Maths Institute events, Stats Department events; the Stochastic Analysis Seminar, the Combinatorial Theory Seminar.
Warwick: P@W, the Probability Seminar, the Statistical Mechanics Seminar, the DIMAP seminar.
Cambridge: the Statslab Probability seminar.
Paris 6: Séminaire de Probabilités.

Taught course centres

Mathematics TCC

Reference library

arXiv e-Print archive (UK mirror)
Project Euclid login page; JSTOR (subscription required for both)
The Probability Web
sci.math.research (via Google groups)
MathWorld mathematical encyclopedia
Journals: Ann. Probab., Ann. Appl. Probab., Electron. J. Probab., Annales de l'IHP, Probab. Surv.
Trigonometric Identities
The Prime Machine
Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences


Squeezing Space in LaTeX

R Programming

The R Project for Statistical Computing


Institute of Mathematical Statistics
London Mathematical Society

Funding bodies and grants

The Royal Society
The Leverhulme Trust
Je-S: Research Councils UK Joint electronic Submission
European Research Council
European Science Foundation

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