Part A Statistical Programming (A12)

Hilary Term 2018

These pages concern the Statistical Programming Component of the Part A Simulation and Statistical Programming course (A12). The main website for the Simulation component is Julien Berestycki's page here.

There will be a total of six labs, held Wednesdays 9-11am in weeks 2-3 and 5-8.


Lecture notes (these will be updated as the course continues)

4-up version for printing

Practical Worksheets

Practical 1

Practical 2

Practical 3

Practical 4

Practical 5

Practical 6 (MHcode.R)

Data Sets

Cystic Fibrosis (cystfibr.txt)

Tetrahymena Data (hellung.txt)

Speed Data (speed.txt)

Air Pollution Data (airpol.txt)

Image Data (noisy, true)


We will be using the statistical software package R, which you can get here. Please install it on your own computer and practice using it as early as possible. You may find it helpful to bring a laptop to use during lectures, but it is not necessary.

The software RStudio is also useful.

Last year's lecture slides are available here (4-up version for printing). This year's will be substantially similar.