Lloyd T. Elliott


I’m a postdoc in the Stats Department at Oxford University, with Jonathan Marchini and Steve Smith. My research is in applications of machine learning to high dimensional data in neuroscience and genetics. I focus on modelling dependencies among phenotypes using transfer-learning, kernel methods, LDS/HMMs, relational models and Bayesian graphical models. Currently, I’m trying to uncover heritabiliy in brain networks (I’m looking at data from UK BIOBANK and the Human Connectome Project).

On the theory side, I’m interested in large GWAS studies for brain phenotypes. I’m also interested in FDR for GWAS, population structure+admixture (work with Maria De Iorio), L_1-regularization/selection, architectures for deep learning, dependent measures and hierarchical Dirichlet processes, mixture models & nonparametric mixtures, and pseudo-marginal methods in MCMC/PMCMC/SMC. I’m now a member of the common room at Kellogg College, where I act as an advisor. My PhD work was with Yee Whye Teh at the Gatsby Unit, where I developed non-parametric Bayesian models for population genetics.

I used to work at a DNA sequencing company: Halcyon Molecular, and I do some consulting work. I made the internet art piece mondrian-shapes and also the game Rogue, Fighter, Mage (a 7DRL). I wrote the back end for ‘Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc’, an art project covered by The Guardian (Human for sale: the artist who turned herself into a corporation) and The Economist (The incorporated woman).

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Tools and Tricks

I’ve written a variety of tools to aid in statistical analyses (with a focus on genetic data). Some of these tools are available here on my homepage. I’ve also listed some useful code snippets.


Jonathan Marchini, Steve Smith, Andy Dahl, Victoria Hore, Kevin Sharp, Winnie Kretzschmar, Yee Whye Teh, Stefano Favaro, Maria De Iorio, Derek Aguiar and Barbara Engelhardt. Oxford BigBayes, Swhere Inc.


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t: +​​(44​​​)74560​​​​​601​​​53
e: elliott ᘒ stats ᐧ ox ᐧ ac ᐧ uk
a: Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, 24\text{-}29 St Giles’, OX13LB, Oxford, UK

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