University College, London: B.Sc. in Statistics, 1962-1965.
University of California, Berkeley: Ph.D. in Statistics, 1965-1969.

Professional Appointments:

Research Assistant: J. Neyman, University of California, Berkeley, 1966-1969.
Lecturer, University of Tel Aviv, 1969-1970.
Lecturer, University of Bristol, 1970-1975.
Visiting Research Statistician, University of California, Berkeley, 1975-76.
DAAD Research Fellow, Radiation and Environmental Research Institute, Munich, 1975-1976.
Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics, Jesus College, Oxford, 1976-present.
University Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics, Oxford, 1976-1990
Reader in Mathematical Statistics, Oxford, 1990-present.

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Working Papers

Gibbs states on arbitrary graphs and lattices, 26pp, University of California, Berkeley (with J.M. Hammersley).
Building Robust Simulation-based Filters for Evolving Data Sets, (with J. Carpenter and P. Fearnhead).
A Metropolis sampler for the reconstruction of polygonal images, (with G.K. Nicholls).
Comparison of Birth and Death and Metropolis-Hastings Markov Chain Monte Carlo for the Strauss Process, (with G.K. Nicholls).
Classification of a Markov Chain on Straight Edged Triangulations, (with G.K. Nicholls).
On the Tjøstheim representation for spatial series, for J.Appl. Probab. .
Diffusion with strong drift, (with N.J.B. Green).
Exact likelihood methods for a class of diffusion-driven Cox processes, (with G. Wei).