Professor Chris Holmes

Photo (from around 2011)

Research Interests :

My statistical research interests surround the theory, methods and applications of probabalistic data modelling and the use of subjective probability theory as a unified framework for coherent inference. This has lead me to investigate Bayesian methods, particuarly for nonlinear systems.

My main application areas are in statistical genomics and genetic epidemiology.

I'm based in the Oxford Centre for Gene Function, see the link from here.

I hold a Programmes Leader's award in "Statistical Genomics" from the Medical Research Council through a joint appointment with the MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit at Harwell.

I am co-director of the graduate doctoral programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics held at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics where I am a member of the statistical genetics group. This is a four year PhD programme that combines (in the first year) formal training in genetics, genomics, experimental genetics, and statistics; after which students spend 3 years following a PhD research project in one of these fields.

I am a member of the Oxford-Man Institute where I research issues in computational statistics, especially surrounding the use of Graphics Cards (GPUs) for advanced Monte Carlo methods (see links below).

I serve as an (inaugural) Associate Editor for the Annals of Applied Statistics, and previously as an Associate Editor for the Annals of Statistics.

From 2011 I will be serving on Council for the Royal Statistical Society and for the Board of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

GPUs for statistical analysis and statistical computation:

We have been investigating the potential of graphics cards to implement highly parallel stochastic simulation algorithms (such as MCMC and SMC). We have set up a web page as a resource for researchers in statistics and related disciplines who are interested in exploring this technology. Follow the link here.


I have recently edited a volume on Bayesian Nonparametrics with Nils Hjort, Peter Muller and Stephen Walker.

I have an older monograph, co-authored with Dave Denison, Bani Mallick and Adrian Smith, that brings together current work in the area of Bayesian approaches to nonlinear data modelling. Further details can be found here.

Code From my book with Denison, Mallick and Smith:

Matlab code for implementing a variety of Bayesian nonlinear methods for classification and regression can be found in a tar file on this web site.


We co-organised organised a meeting on ``Statistical Challenges Arising from Genome Resequencing'' held at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, in Summer 2010.

I co-organised a workshop on Nonlinear estimation and classification which was held at the Mathmatical Science Research Institute , Berkeley, California in the Spring of 2001. The conference brought together leading researchers in statistical data modelling from the fields of computer science, statistics and engineering. A book of the proceedings should be appearing sometime in 2002. All of the talks are available as on-line video at this page (March 19-29, 2001).

Some Publications and Technical Reports:

For an up to date list of publications see this link here

Older Publications (see the list above for more up to date)

Technical Reports