Sanne Abeln

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Supplementary information for "How old is your fold?"

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address: Department of Statistics
1 South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3TG, UK
phone: +44 1865 271264
fax: +44 1865 272595

Posters and Talks

Poster September 2005 ECCB 2005
Poster October 2005 ISMB 2005
Poster October 2004 Young Bioinformaticians forum
Talk June 2004 Oxhus meeting
Poster August 2004 ISMB 2004
Talk July 2004 3DSIG
Talk April 2004 Workshop - Predicting the Structure of Biological Molecules


Abeln, S. and Deane C.M. (2005)
Fold Usage on Genomes and Protein Fold Evolution.
Proteins. In press.

Winstanley, H. F., Abeln, S., and Deane C.M. (2005)
How old is your fold?
Bioinformatics Vol 21 Suppl 1 2005 Supplementary Information