MSc in Mathematical Sciences

We are now accepting applications for entry in October 2018 for the new Oxford Master's in Mathematical Sciences (OMMS), run jointly between the Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics.  This is a new opportunity for students from around the world to receive a broad and flexible training in mathematical sciences, essential for research and innovation in the 21st century.  The Master's spans interdisciplinary applications of mathematics as well as recognizing fundamental questions and themes.  Oxford has a world-class reputation in the Mathematical Sciences, and this Master's offers students the opportunity to work with an international group of peers, including other mathematical leaders of the future.

The Master's draws on courses in mathematics, statistics and computer science: from number theory, geometry and algebra to genetics and cryptography; from probability and mathematical geoscience to data mining and machine learning.  Students can choose from many different pathways, tailoring the programme to their individual interests and requirements.  Examples of pathways include:

  • research in fundamental mathematics,
  • data science,
  • interdisciplinary research in fluid and solid mechanics,
  • mathematical biology
  • industrially focused mathematical modelling,
  • (stochastic) partial differential equations

See here for more information and here to apply.