Graduate admissions procedure

Applications are now open for entry in October 2018

Online applications

Applicants should complete and submit their application online and upload electronic copies of supporting materials (including written materials and the CV). Applicants can also register the email details of their referees online and the University will contact them directly to request references, confidentially and securely. Applicants may save a part-completed form and sign in later to complete the remaining sections.

Paper applications are acceptable in exceptional cases where it is not possible for you to apply online; to inquire about whether your circumstances qualify for this exception, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

There is an application fee for each programme of study applicants apply to. This is payable by credit card on submission of each online application, and by cheque, money order or banker's draft on submission of each paper application. For full details of closing dates, guidance notes for applying online and on paper, and a link to the Online Application form, visit:

Further information:

If you have specific questions about the MSc or Diploma in Applied Statistics, please email