Course details

First year courses
The first year of Mathematics & Statistics is identical to that of the Mathematics degrees. Joint degree students sit the same university examinations at the end of the first year.   The first year course consists of lectures on the following topics: 
    Introduction to university-level mathematics
    Introduction to complex numbers
    Linear algebra
    Group and group actions
    Sequences and series
    Continuity and differentiability
    Introductory Calculus
    Constructive mathematics
    Multivariable calculus 
    Fourier series and Partial differential equations
    Computational mathematics using MATLAB.  (This course has two compulsory projects to be completed).

Year Two
The compulsory core lecture courses in the second year are:   
     Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis 
     Differential Equations 

There are also a range of options:     

      Rings and Modules
      Differential Equations
      Numerical Analysis
      Waves and Fluids
      Quantum Theory
      Simulation and Statistical Programming

and short options:

      Number Theory
      Group Theory
      Projective Geometry
      Multivariate Differentiation
     Calculus of Variations
     Graph Theory
     Special Relativity

Third year courses
In the third year, all Mathematics and Statistics students take the compulsory Applied Statistics course, and at least one of Statistical Inference and Stochastic Modelling.       

The choice of optional courses includes:
    Actuarial Science
    Mathematical Ecology and Biology
    Differential equations and applications
    Communication Theory
    Logic and Set Theory
    Martingales and Financial Mathematics
    Number Theory

In addition there is the option to write an extended essay or take part in the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme.
Fourth year courses - MMath only
In the fourth year, students are required to write a dissertation in a topic closely related to statistics.             

The range of options for the lecture courses currently includes:
    Statistical Data Mining and Machine Learning
    Stochastical Models in Mathematical Genetics
    Modern Survival Analysis
    Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis
    Advanced Simulation Methods
    Probabilistic Combinatorics     
and courses offered by the Mathematical Institute.

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