How to apply - Offer

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Step 6: Offer

The decision on whether you have gained an offer to study at Oxford will be sent out in mid-January by the colleges, along with any conditions of the offer. The letter or email will explain one of two things:

You are made an offer of a place to study your subject.

The offer will either be at a particular college, or it may be an "open offer". An open offer means that you have an offer from Oxford and are guaranteed a place if you meet the terms of any conditional offer. However, the college you will go to has not yet been specified, and will be decided after your final examination results have been published. A conditional offer will typically be

•    A*A*A, with A*s in Mathematics and Further Mathematics (if taken) if you are studying A-levels
•    AA/AAB with A in Mathematics if you are studying Advanced Highers and
•    39 points including 7 in Higher Level Mathematics and further 6 6 if you are studying International Baccalaureate.

If you have already completed your examinations, this offer will probably be unconditional. If you have not yet finished your final examinations, the offer will probably be conditional upon your achieving certain grades, as per the entry requirements.

Your application has, unfortunately, not been successful. 

For many applicants who have, until now, been the most academically successful in their school or college, it can be very dispiriting to not get an offer. In recent years, over 80% of those who applied did not receive an offer; and it is probable, if you have selected your other courses wisely, that you will go on to study at another excellent university. In a few years’ time you may wish to consider applying to Oxford for further study after you have completed your first degree elsewhere. We often see candidates who were unsuccessful in their undergraduate applications here making successful applications for graduate study.
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