How to apply - Interview

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Step 5: Interview

Based on the information given in the application and the results of the MAT, around 60% of applicants are invited for interview. You can find some general information and advice about the interview from the Oxford Admissions website.

If you are currently studying in the UK, EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland then you will generally be expected to attend interviews in Oxford in December if your application is shortlisted. Applicants from further afield, particularly those requiring a visa to enter the United Kingdom, will typically be offered an interview via Skype.

A copy of the interview timetable is published a few months in advance. Please note that you may not receive notice of your invitation to interview until a week beforehand. Since the email or letter informing you whether you have been invited for interview comes from the college, do get in touch with them if you have any concerns that something may have gone astray.

Those who come to Oxford for interview will typically stay up to three days and have at least two interviews with different colleges during that time. Accommodation and meals will be provided in the college that you applied (or were allocated) to free of charge.

During the interview you will be set problems to work through, with hints given as appropriate. Tutors will be looking for a capacity to absorb and use new ideas, the ability to think and work independently and perseverance and enthusiasm.