How to apply - Choose a college

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Step 2: Choose a college

As part of your application to Oxford, you will either need to select a college to apply to, or make an Open application. If you make an Open application, you will be assigned a college. This will not disadvantage you in any way, and is just a way of saying “I don’t mind which college I go to”.

Each college has its own particular history, ethos and architecture, but the quality of the teaching is identical, and the colleges are more similar than they are different. College life is one of the university’s greatest assets, and the close college community provides a friendly and welcoming home.  

The majority of Oxford colleges offer Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate courses, but to make sure you can find a full list on the University's main website.

To help you decide, you can read about each college in the Undergraduate Prospectus, or on the college’s own website. The University's "How to choose a college" video (below) also provides information to get you started. You may want to consider the size or age of the college, the location, cost of living and the accommodation and facilities available. The Student Union provides excellent some advice on these factors. However you decide on the college you apply to, you are sure to be welcomed.