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Departmental Open Days

Departmental Open Days offer a deeper look into the degree choices offered by the Mathematical Institute and the Department of Statistics. These usually take place on Saturdays in April/May. The day covers aspects of the undergraduate course, as well as general sessions on the application process. There is also the opportunity to visit a college. Both events take place at the Mathematical Institute, but on the first of the Open Day dates there is also the opportunity to visit the Department of Statistics for tea, cake and the opportunity to hear what makes an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics unique. Booking is required and can be done through the Mathematical Institute website.

The timetable of talks at the Department of Statistics, 27 April 2019:

14:30 Bandits and Statistics LG.01

Statistical thinking is at the core of many machine learning algorithms that are changing the way in which we interact and explore the world. In this talk, we will go over the statistical foundations that underpin a class of algorithms known as Multi-Armed Bandits. We will illustrate the main ideas that make this type of algorithms suitable for a variety of applications including clinical trials, robotics, webpage design and video games, leading to the first program to beat human world-champion Go players: Alpha Go.

15:00 Careers with Statistics LG.01

A brief look at the possible career options with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

15:30 Tea, coffee and refreshments (Ground floor)

Please stay for a chat with our students and tutors!

University Open Days

In June and September, Open Days take place both in colleges and departments. More information about this can be obtained from the University Open Days pages. These are a good opportunity to visit both the department and any colleges you are considering applying to. The departmental talks will provide a more general overview.