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Meet our Students

Eleanor, St Hugh’s

I’m a second year Maths and Statistics student at St Hugh’s College. If I were to use three words to describe my time here, I would definitely say challenging, fulfilling and rewarding. Both the work itself and balancing extra-curricular activities and social time with studies are challenging, but that is what makes it so rewarding too. In my time here, I can safely say that I have never been stuck for something to do – there is so much going on all of the time, which makes every day different and interesting. Coming from a comprehensive school in the North of England, I had never visited Oxford before the Open Day. Despite really liking Oxford itself and the University, I started having doubts about whether I was good enough to apply, and whether I was suited to studying here; but in the end I thought I might as well give it a go – after all, I still had 4 other university applications if it didn’t go to plan in Oxford! Deciding to apply was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and very soon it began to feel like a home. I immediately met friends for life, and the tutors are incredibly supportive, as well as being there to push you to help you reach your full potential. Both the Maths and Statistics departments are new and beautifully designed buildings, with lots of study space and a really nice atmosphere. There are areas to work independently, in groups and space to be sociable too. When I’m not working, I play netball for the College team, go swimming at the local leisure centre, and I am currently training to become a Peer Supporter for the College.

Peter, St Edmund Hall

I originally applied to straight maths but changed as I enjoyed stats and probability modules. I was also particularly interested in stats programming. I’m interested in a career in Operational Research, although I’m not sure which sector yet. I didn’t like statistics at school – nothing was explained, you just had to take it as given. University stats explains the pure maths before showing the applications.

Emily, Worcester

I am a first year international student Mathematics & Statistics Student at Worcester College. For me, I found Oxford pretty, attractive, and yet daunting before I applied. Making a decision of applying to Oxford was not easy, and I constantly questioned myself whether I was qualified enough. But I would say I feel lucky that I finally applied, and even more fortunate that Oxford offered me a place. As an international student, I only arrived the first time in Oxford the day Michaelmas Term 2015 started (Yes, I even did skype interviews rather than the traditional onsite ones!). Without knowing much about the city, I began my first term in a struggle. However, as I got more accustomed to the life here, I found people here extremely friendly, kind and supportive, the social scene welcoming, and the life well-balanced. Both the maths and statistics departments are great places to work in, not only because of the newly refurbished buildings but also of the nice and sociable you meet in them. Despite working, you can easily find people with the same interests as yours, and all sorts of activities to take part in. Personally speaking, I enjoy working in the Maths Institute, helping out with the outreach and widening access activities of the maths and statistics department as a student ambassador. I am also a museum addict as well and spend time wandering in the fabulous university museums.

Yiliu, St John’s

I am a second year student studying Maths with Stats at St. John’s college. Actually I studied for Maths in my first year and transferred to Maths with Stats. I have tried all the possible joint courses with mathematics and finally chosen Maths with Stats as I think statistics is a challenging combination of all those possible branches. My life in Oxford is awesome. Tutors in college and departments are supportive and helpful. I love digging around in the library after class, and they are always glad to help me with any questions I might have. When I am not working, I play badminton for the college team, go walking tours with societies, and I am now studying B1 level German in the language centre. Choosing to apply for Oxford is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Alex, Oriel

I originally applied for Maths—and made a conscious decision not to apply for Maths and Stats—because I disliked the statistics modules at A-level (they seemed to involve little thinking and a lot of entering numbers into a calculator). When I arrived at Oxford, I enjoyed the Probability and Statistics courses in Prelims, and the exam containing them was my best; I might have switched then, and considered the possibility, but my college doesn’t offer Maths and Stats so I didn’t think I was able to. After further enjoying the Part A Probability and Statistics courses, and talking to a member of the Statistics Department at the Options Fair who pointed out that it was probably possible for me to change, I decided I wanted to switch to be able to take more Statistics courses (as these, along with those in probability, interested me more than most others); this was confirmed following good results in Probability and Statistics at Part A.