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Gutierrez Toscano Prize

The Gutiérrez Toscano Prize in Applied Statistics, may be awarded by the examiners, if there is a candidate of sufficient merit, to the candidate whose performance in the MSc in Statistical Science (formerly the MSc in Applied Statistics) is judged to be the best.

The prize is named in memory of Pablo Gutiérrez Toscano, who was awarded a distinction in the MSc in Applied Statistics in 1996. In 1998 he was tragically killed in a road accident.  His family and friends offered a donation to establish the annual prize.

Gutiérrez Toscano Prize Winners

  • 2018   Stefanos Bennett and Tjebbe Bodewes
  • 2017    Fan Wu
  • 2016   Guy Corlett and Gabriel Zucker
  • 2015   Raphael Lopez-Kaufman and Graeme Spence
  • 2014   Anthony Khong and Mats Stensrud
  • 2013   San Chye Cheng and Michele Nguyen
  • 2012   Andreas Anastasiou and Alexander Bolton
  • 2011   Julia Dechamps and Jonathan McBeath
  • 2010   Christopher Gamble
  • 2009   Therese Graversen and Hector Alvarado Valdivia
  • 2008   Aidan O’Keeffe
  • 2007   Charalambos Loizides
  • 2006   Hanqing Liu
  • 2005   John Berry
  • 2004   Kathryn Hunter and Markus Kalish
  • 2003   Thomas Price
  • 2002   Philipp Kostuch
  • 2001   Nia Jones
  • 2000   James Lewis and Alec Stephenson
  • 1999   Christopher Ferro