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Course Materials

Part A

Statistics Options MT 2018 slides [PDF]
A8 Probability
A9 Statistics
A12 Simulation and Statistical Programming

Part B

SB1.1 Applied Statistics (formerly SB1a) – Dr Laws
SB1.1 Applied Statistics (formerly SB1a) – Dr Rogers
SB1.2 Computational Statistics (formerly SB1b) – Professor Caron
SB1.2 Computational Statistics (formerly SB1b) РProfessor Nicholls
SB1 Practicals letter 2018/2019 [PDF]
Declaration of Authorship [PDF]
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SB2.1 Foundations of Statistical Inference (formerly SB2a) (via WebLearn)
SB2.2 Statistical Machine Learning (formerly SB2b)
SB3.1 Applied Probability (formerly SB3a)
SB3.2 Statistical Lifetime Models (formerly SB3b)
SB4 Actuarial Science (formerly SB4a/SB4b)

Link to specimen examination solutions – via WebLearn

Part C

SC1 Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics
SC2 Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis – available via Weblearn
SC4 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning
SC5  Advanced Simulation Methods
SC6 Graphical Models
SC7 Bayes Methods
SC8 Topics in Computational Biology
SC9 Interacting Particle Systems
SC10 Algorithmic Foundations of Learning

Link to specimen examination solutions – via WebLearn

Part C project information

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Mathematical Institute study guide for undergraduates

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Link to specimen examination solutions – via WebLearn
Link to Mathematics specimen examination solutions


Mathematical Institute webpages for undergraduates
Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee (MURC)
Joint Consultative Committee with Undergraduates (JCCU)

Departmental complaint and appeals procedure [PDF]
University policy on plagiarism
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