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What we do

The Probability Group in the Statistics Department carries out research in random graphs and networks, random trees, branching processes, Lévy processes, interacting particle systems, queueing processes, models from statistical mechanics, coalescent processes and random walks. The Group’s work is applied in population genetics, mathematical biology, network modelling and demography and there are natural intersections with the Stochastic Analysis Group, the Combinatorics Group and the Mathematical and Computational Finance Group in the Mathematics Institute.


Academic Staff

Research Staff

  • Maria Christodoulou
  • Andrew Elliot (joint with CSML)
  • Florian Klimm (joint with OPIG)
  • Christoph Koch
  • Robin Stephenson


  • Jonathan Chetwynd-Diggle
  • Serte Donderwinkel
  • Alex Homer
  • Mikolaj Kasprzak
  • Aleksander Klimek
  • Ian Letter
  • David Rindt
  • Dane Rogers
  • Aaron Smith
  • Frederik Soerensen
  • Roman Stasinski
  • Andi Wang
  • Fan Wang

Recent publications on arXiv (math.PR) by members of the group.