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Oxford Protein Informatics Group (OPIG)

What we do

Our research interests cover several areas in the field of protein structure and interaction networks, combining both theoretical work and empirical analyses. Of particular interest are the concepts of protein structure evolution, protein folding and structure prediction, as well as understanding the structure and evolution of protein interaction networks.


Academic Staff

Research Staff

  • Konrad Krawczyk
  • Saulo de Oliveira
  • Claire Marks
  • Jinwoo Leem
  • Mihai Cucuringu


  • Eoin Malins


  • Cristian Regep
  • Jaroslaw Nowak
  • Eleanor Law
  • Hannah Patel
  • Florian Klimm
  • Elliot Nelson
  • Lyuba Bozhilova
  • Joseph Buck
  • Clare West
  • Aleksandr Kovaltsuk
  • Susan Leung
  • Laura Depner
  • Fergus Boyles
  • Anne Neirobisch
  • Fergus Imrie
  • James Wilsenach
  • Javier Pardo Diaz
  • Lucian Chan
  • Mark Chonofsky
  • Matthew Raybould
  • Wing Ki (Catherine) Wong