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Statistics Experimental Laboratory

Established in 2004 by Prof Peter Donnelly, the Statistics Experimental Laboratory is a novel venture for a Statistics Department. Set up to undertake a wide range of high-throughput experimental studies involving genomes and gene expression, we now focus on PCR- and sequence-based analysis, including next-generation sequencing, mostly for pathogens.

We collaborate with the High-Throughput Genomics Group at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in sequencing thousands of bacterial and viral genomes.

Who are we?
Currently we number three experimental scientists, closely integrated with the Bacterial Analysis Group.  We are:

Rory Bowden (manager of the experimental laboratory and leader of the BAG Group)
Teresa Street (postdoc)  
Tonya Votintseva (postdoc)  

ABI3730 sequencer

Where are we?

We are in the Oxford Centre for Gene Function, situated in the Henry Wellcome Building for Gene Function, which can be found on this map.  For visitors, access is via reception at the Sherrington Building next door.  For general enquiries, contact bowden at  

Hamilton STAR robot


Jobs in the laboratory are advertised on the main Departmental site. Opportunities also exist for laboratory placements, studentships and collaborations involving our facilities and expertise.